Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

From a firing incident that hurt two Taiwanese toursists, the collapse of the footbrigde near the main stadium, athletes bailing out to hot debates by politicians and sports officials over New Delhi hosting the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

As a tv comentator said: "Has India humiliated itself?"

In just a few days the Indian capital will host the Games - as skeptics continue to believe it could turn out to be a failure.

But then again, South Africa was bombarded with a security threats and Fifa was worried that the venues will not be ready in time. Yet, the African country hosted the 2010 World Cup in style.

Could the same be seen in India? The Australian government is confident of India getting its act right.

Hopefully this will not affect the 201 Malaysian athletes set to compete in the meet.

HD says: Kuch kuch hota hai (something happens)...only in India.


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