Forget 'likey-likey' massages; we need real physios

A physiotherapist is not one who would say your injured knee will become better after an erotic massage session or by stroking your manhood for a “happy ending”.

Physiotherapists are a group of skilled and certified individuals who, in some instances, would be the first person to attend to an injured individual before medical support kicks in.
Sadly, such a role has been taken for granted as any Tom, Dick and Harry now claims to be a physio. This was evident as many self-proclaimed physiotherapy centres are mushrooming in the country.

Some claimed unqualified physiotherapists, registered as assistant coaches or officials in sports clubs, have been attending to the athletes.

Sadly, no one polices the profession.

The Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) acknowledged the current woe faced by the industry.

“I came across a man during an event who claimed to work as a physiotherapist with an agency under the Youth and Sports Ministry. He even had a business card which stated so.

“When I questioned his qualifications, he caved in and said he was not a physiotherapist but a masseur,” recalled MPA president Yew Su Fen.

“We are aware there are many centres claiming to offer physiotherapy but did not have certified personnel. Also, football and hockey teams tend to hire sports science graduates as physiotherapists in a bid to cut cost. This is wrong.”

Read more in Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.


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