Royalty or commoner — no one is above the law

...the changes brought about in Johor football have been amazing. From a well maintained field to electronic boards that surround it, Larkin Stadium is now dubbed as one of the best stadias in the country.
The players are well taken care while the Southern Tigers have a rather impressive website. All this happened during Tunku Ismail’s reign as Johor FA’s president.

But the spirit of football is not just based on modern facilities and money. It is about fair play and sportsmanship. It applies across the board — royalty and commoner.

Let us not drag the holy and sacred Quran into this fiasco. Football has its own rules and regulations, and that must be upheld.

Referring to the scuffle between Pahang and JDT fans last Friday, Tunku Ismail, was quoted in an article “Be ethical, not theatrical” on Johor FA's website saying: “This cacophony of bickering, provocation, insults and humiliation would not bring any benefit and may result with rancor to no end.”

Spot on. The M-League does not need such theatrics. It needs ethics.

Thus, FAM must leave no stone unturned. Whether one wears a fake Seiko or a luxurious Rolex, those found guilty must face the consequences.

One must remember that no one is above the law — at least where sports is concerned.

Read more in Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.

Read more in Haresh Says, as published in The Malay Mail today.


  1. Bro Haresh,

    Don wanna write about the issue......may invite trouble.....cuz that's the state of affairs going on in my beloved tanah tumpah negara .

    Just followed the Nadi Sukan awhile ago.....and it has left me puzzled ???????????
    The blokes were talking and mentioning about "gangster bola" can football hooliganism be said that way in my beloved bahasa malaysia.......?
    Keganasan penyokong bolasepak was what my Cikgu Mahyuddin taught me in school way back in 1967.....
    Funny guys......when in coat and suit, with all flash lights popping they coin new terms for old dogs like me to grapple with.
    The recent controversial clash between Moneybags vs Teakwood was a thrilling match to watch but the commentators made a hash out of it la bro !
    Funny guys.Both were overexcited and rattled away comments that showed their amateurish take on football knowledge.
    It was always "aspect ini, aspect itu, dari aspect,dengan kelas, saya sendiri kagum, ball to hand".... (I have not heard such a term in my entire football following lifetime la bro).Funny guys...polluting the minds of hundreds of thousands of young footie followers on tevee
    Both the dudes went over the moon when Aimar scored the goal.It was no wonder goal.It was his technique.Such goals have already been scored by our Mokhtar Daharis,Syed Ahmads,Shahruddin Abdullahs,Isa Bakars, Hassan Sanis, James Wongs Tanabalans and Wong Choon Wahs. The hallowed turfs of Merdeka Stadium has seen it all.Ask Datuk Rahim Razali or Datuk Hasbullah....they too have seen our own home products score better goals than Aimar's.
    Nazab and Rosli Hussein are among the few commentators who speak tolerable football on air. Of course who can miss Sarah and Dayang's bahasa.......Cummon all, lets spik Inglis Bahsa...meek you fill gud...waka ka ka !

    Peminat Sukan JB

  2. This issue need to be tackle by competent people who are not trying their heart out to buy original Rolex for themselves.


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