MH370 MAS plane remains 'missing', SAR continues throughout the night

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) said in a statement that flight MH370 had disappeared at 02:40 local time on Saturday (18:40 GMT on Friday) after leaving Kuala Lumpur.
Acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein, had some 10 hours after the incident, said there was no sign of wreckage, as reported here.

A total of 239 passengers were on board the plane which was headed to Beijing.

Experts remained "surprised" over missing plane as Boeing 777 dubbed 'safest plane ever', as reported here.

The plane was bought in 2002 and had one safety incident in the past.

While officials (as of 11.02pm) still claim they have yet to obtain any confirmation of the plane's location, family members of the passengers were told to prepare and bring their passports to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Among speculations:
1) Plane hijacked by terrorists
2) Plane exploded in the air
3) Loss of control
4) Landed safely in Xian or Nanning, China
5) Plane crashed at 5.20am and that TUDM have been asked to be on standby in Kota Baru to get air clearance to enter Vietnam air space.

Hishammuddin calls for calm, urged public and media not to heed such speculations. However, MAS is not ruling out anything at this point in time.

Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and even US join search and rescue operations near the Gulf of Thailand, some 250km south of Vietnam.

Despite waiting for more than 15 hours, family members remain clueless over situation as MAS staff continued to provide support. Some of them left the holding area in KLIA frustrated. A more tensed situation was seen in Beijing.

Reports later said a 12-mile oil slick was seen at waters closer to Vietnam.

Malaysian authorities claim they were not informed of Vietnam Navy having spotted plane or any oil-slick. Search and rescue operations to continue throughout the night.

Many are reminded of 1977 nightmare after MAS Boeing 737 crashed at Tanjung Kupang in Johor after the plane was hijacked. All 100 passengers and crew members were killed.

HD says: Prayers for the passengers and the crew.


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