Foreign coaches to unearth young tennis stars

As reported by national news agency Bernama

The Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysian (LTAM) has appointed two foreign coaches to find new talents for grooming as international class players.

Its president, Tan Sri Abdul Razak Latiff said the coaches from Australia and Holland were stationed at the Youth Tennis Academy of Tun Razak Tennis Complex in Jalan Duta which was opened on March 1.

"RM1 million has been allocated to develop youth tennis to put them on par with international players. We hope with the setting up of the academy, parents can send their talented children there to learn new techniques and skills," he told reporters after a press conference on the Malaysian Open BMW Tennis Championship 2014 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre here, today.

Abdul Razak said Malaysia has many talented youth players but they found it difficult to give their commitment as they have to focus on their studies.

"Physical strength is also a factor why they are not as  competitive as international players.Through this academy, young players can get a more comprehensive exposure," he added.


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