Syabas, there's no water again!

Workers repairing a burst water pipe at Kpg Ampang Campuran. — Pic from @air_selangor

Dear Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd,

This is 2017. In 15 days, the country will celebrate its 60th Independence Day. In less than three years we are supposed to be a “developed nation”.

But here’s something that many of us keep hearing for decades – “water disruption due to broken pipes”.

I live in Taman Dagang Permai, Ampang and the neighbourhood, and others nearby, have been facing dry taps since yesterday – without any warning.

I first called your Helpline (15300) yesterday (Aug 15) at 14:58. I was informed by your representative that there was a burst pipe in Kampung Ampang Campuran and that works were expected to be completed by 8pm the same day.

I called the Helpline again at 22:04 only to be told that works were only expected to be completed by 6am the next day (Aug 16).

This morning (Aug 16) I received a text message from 63633 at 07:51 stating that repair works were still going on and that “masa pulih akan dimaklumkan”.

And at 11.58 I received another text message from the same number that read: “Kerja pembaikan paip pecah Kg Ampang Campuran msh dijalankan. Jangka siap: 3.00ptg dan pulih bperingkat. Tanker digerakan. Ruj. mySyabas di google play store.”

It's 1.14pm and there's still no sight of the water tanker in my neighbourhood. 

I’m a consumer. I diligently pay for the supply of clean water every month. As far as I am concerned, there should not be any water disruptions. If your pipes are old, that is NOT my problem. 
Fix them.

'Paip pecah' is a daily occurrence — and a nuisance!

If you and the state government have no money to fix the pipes, once again it is NOT my problem. You are a utility company and have an obligation to the consumers, not the other way around.

If the consumer don’t pay on time, you are quick to cut our water services. And we are left to your mercy when there are water cuts?

Your contractors are clearly inefficient for if they know works will go on for more than six hours, your organisation should have been informed accordingly and you were to deploy water tankers to all residential areas affected by the disruption. You don’t need us to call you.

Remember, we are paying you for water, not the other way around.

Each and every consumer of yours should be respected and you should have informed them about the delay in repair work so that they can plan their day. There is clearly lack of planning on your behalf.

If you said we are paying peanuts for water, and shouldn’t complain, don’t blame us. Blame your beloved bosses, the current ruling state government, who came up with the brilliant idea of lowering water tariffs as their idea of winning votes – which in return has only encouraged water wastage.

Get the basics right. 

Focus on what your primary role is – supplying water (through pipes or water tankers) to the paying consumer. 


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