Komalam: What is my disciplinary issue?

UPDATE (4.01pm): Kuala Lumpur SEA Games chef de mission Marina Chin, a former runner herself, was quoted by Berita Harian as saying:

"Kalau ada seseorang itu tidak kiralah sebagus mana pun anda, sama ada anda ada potensi pingat emas sekali pun jika anda tidak ada disiplin dan tidak boleh mengikuti peraturan yang ditetapkan persatuan, maka persatuan bolehlah memutuskan untuk melakukan sesuatu."

SPRINTER S. Komalam Shally (pic) breaks her silence following her dismissal from the national women's 4x100m team just days before the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games.

The emotional 29-year-old reveals all:

"I was asked to attend a meeting at the fifth floor of the National Sports Council building.
I was in the meeting room and in there were team manager Datuk Salim Parlan and several coaches.
I was then told that due to my disciplinary issue, I have been dropped from the SEA Games relay team.
I was shocked. I kept quiet for awhile, didn't know what to say. I then said I'm sorry if I had offended anyone. All I want to do is run in the Games.
The whole session lasted between five and 10 minutes. That's it. I was told a decision has been made and was asked to leave the room.
I was not informed what was the disciplinary issue. I've never skipped any training sessions or belittle anyone. I've never been rude to anyone, especially to the coaches.
Yes I have shared my opinion and pointers to coaches, passed them video clips of how our competitors run. It's purely to ensure we do our best in the SEA Games.
Any conversations with my team mates were simply to ensure we all do our best in the Thailand Open (where the team broke the national record).
I'm determined. I hope the decision makers will have a change of heart and allow me to run in the Games.
If I don't get to run (in the SEA Games), I'll push myself harder to make Malaysia proud at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games.
I will not give up."

Full story of Komalam being axed from the team was first reported in this blog yesterday.


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