Art of unity

Some of the bikes by Beautiful Machines displayed at the Art of Speed over the weekend.
The Art of Speed entered into its sixth edition last weekend, featuring some of the best works from our local custom builders.

Industry players including Triumph, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, Honda and Ducati joined in the fun as they showcased their machines during the two-day affair at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

Custom-bike builders Beautiful Machines stamped their mark as several of their creations were shortlisted for awards with 'Kuro' being named the Best Cafe Racer award.

Meet Kuro - Picture by Beautiful Machines
The gorgeous customised machines from Zero Engineering were surprisingly missing from the show.

The event drew some 45,000 enthusiasts, young and old.

A great effort by the organisers but motoring fans were torn between the Penang Bike Week 2017 and a party by The Gasket Alley on Saturday night.

Awie at the Penang Bike Week. - Picture from Penang Bike Week 2017 Facebook
The Gasket Alley, located in Section 13 Petaling Jaya, is a cool place to hang out and houses several motorcycle brands and gears including Zero Engineering.

Saturday night party at The Gasket Alley.

There were talks of an apparent "fallout" between certain parties, thus their non-participation at the Art of Speed.

If true, then it's sad for this rather small industry which could further shrink given that millennials seem to be shying away from the riding scene or seem to be only interested in smaller bikes, as reported by CNBC and Bloomberg.

Cycle World magazine editor-in-chief Mark Hoyer was quoted as saying, motorcycle manufacturers are now "selling this perception of lifestyle ... it's a cultural movement; a rebranding of the whole motorcycle industry."

Bear in mind UK had recently followed France (and soon Germany) by banning new diesel and petrol vehicles within 25 years, as reported by Motofire. We will then see motorcycles that sound like sewing machines on our roads, as customised machines will end up being showpieces in museums.

There are numerous events and parties celebrating creativity and the riding lifestyle but the industry must work together and schedule their events for the year to ensure they do not clash.

It's best if we had events and parties spaced out almost every weekend, ensuring the motorcycling culture is kept alive throughout the year.

It's time we learn the art of unity.


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