SEA Games champ Rayzam gets more than a pair of shoes

Mohanjit (left), Rayzam and brand manager Allan Netto sharing a light moment at Kuckreja Sdn Bhd. The spike Mohanjit is holding was made for athletes in the 1940s.

Throughout the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games last year, I was on Astro Arena to share my views.

Among the gold medalists who joined me in the studio at Wisma Ali Bawal, Petaling Jaya was national 110m hurdler Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian.

I had, after the show, asked Rayzam - captain of the national athletics SEA Games squad - if he had a sponsor.

The Sabahan replied: "No".

I posted an article 'A pair of shoes would be nice'  (Sept 7, 2017) on this blog.

This morning Rayzam got more than just a pair of shoes.

Segambut-based Kuckreja Sdn Bhd has offered to sponsor Rayzam spike shoes, track shoes and apparel for a year.

The man behind the company. Mohanjit Kuckreja, considers the contribution to the national hero as a "CSR project".

A man of a few words, Mohanjit who is an avid hiker said: "There's money (spent) for other things but not for a national athlete? That's sad."

"When the underprivileged does not get the attention he or she deserves, then we must help him or her."

Rayzam was elated with his new sponsorship deal.

"I am so grateful to Kuckreja for sponsoring me. The last time I received sponsorship was in 2013 (Mizuno). No one reached out ever since up until today," said the 30-year-old Sabahan who is based in Kota Kinabalu.

Rayzam said the sponsorship deal will spur him to do well as he leaves for Jakarta this Friday ahead of the pre-Asian Games meet.

Rayzam would don his sponsors contribution when he participates in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in Indonesia - his two biggest assignments of the year.

Just before leaving Wisma T.S. Kuckreja in Taman Sri Sinar, Rayzam said: "It's not your job and yet you made this happen."

All the best Rayzam!

And the good folks at Kuckreja - renowned for hockey, rugby and cricket equipment - deserve more than a pat on their backs for their contribution which will go a long way.


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