CDM 'entitled' to bring guest?

These are genuine questions that I truly hope to obtain answers.

i. Is a Chef de Mission of a particular country entitled to bring a guest (eg. spouse, next of kin, friends)?

ii. Is the CDM's guest allowed to stay in the Athletes' Village?

iii. Is the guest allowed to wear the national contingent's attire throughout the duration of a particular multi-sport Games?


  1. C.Sathasivam SitheravelluMay 1, 2018 at 10:29 AM

    Haresh sports fiasco continues with the 21st Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast held recently.First we had steroids doping followed by allegedly guest being brought in under whose cost? Recent KL Sea Games also too many bungles from flag mix- up,stealing,etc.Have we not learned from the past cases?


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