Hangzhou to host International Football Club Soccer 9s

The city of Hangzhou in China will play host to the International Football Club (IFC) 11th Soccer 9s tournament next week (April 20).

The annual competition, featuring veteran footballers, will be held in Tonglu County after Kuala Lumpur hosted last year's edition in conjunction with IFC's  50th anniversary.

Hangzhou hosted the tournament in 2011, the club's first tournament abroad. Other cities that have hosted the tournament since are Pattaya (2012), Phnom Penh (2014 & 2016) and Krabi (2017).

IFC president Kiranjit Singh said that it was not an easy feat for a Malaysian-based veteran football club to host a tournament overseas as he thanked the organising committee for their good work.

“This is not the first time we are bringing he tournament away from Kuala Lumpur and doing it for the sixth time in our history of the eleven-year tournament is indeed a feat to be proud off,” said Kiranjit.

“We are also thankful to the Malaysian-based teams who continuously support our tournament, at home and abroad.”

Six teams from from China will compete in this year's affair. They will be joined by seven teams from Malaysia, and a team each from Cambodia and Singapore.

The International Football Club of Kuala Lumpur was first registered in 1969 by a group of German expatriates. It was then known as The German Football Club of Kuala Lumpur. 

At that time, the club had exactly 11 players and the captain suffered a broken arm in a game where he collided with Datuk Douglas Webster, the Patron of IFC. As a result, they were forced to open their membership to non-Germans.

Douglas Webster was then persuaded to replace the injured captain in the team. 

Gradually the founding members left Malaysia and the club became truly international which prompted the change of name. 

The Club’s early years saw an influx of talented players, many through the introduction of the late Karl Heinz Weigang, who was then the Malaysian national football coach. 

Weigang was the first coach and captain of IFC. Through his influence, the club saw the participation of past and present international and state players.

IFC have made a name and mark among veteran teams in Malaysia, having won notable tournaments including the Bangkok Senior World Cup Champions (three time winners), The Royal Selangor Club Veterans tournament and the Phuket Annual International Tournament.

IFC has 45 members, with some 30 of them actively playing at Kelab Aman every Saturday.

The club also raises money for charitable organisations at venues where the competitions are held. Among those who have benefited from their noble cause include the Kelantan flood victims (2014), Bopha Hospital in Phnom Penh (2016) and an orphanage home in Krabi, Thailand (2017).

The Master Category, for players 39 years and above, will see 14 teams in action. Four teams will compete in the Grand Master category - introduced last year, featuring players aged 49 and above.

National assistant coach Khan Hung Meng, a former international, donated the challenge trophy for the Grand Masters category last year while the Master Category will battle for the Datuk Doug Webster trophy (pic above).
11th IFC 9s Veteran Soccer Tournament

Master Category (39 years & above)

1.     Hangzhou (A)
2.     Interaction Recreation Club, Seremban
3.     Guangzhou Heng Fu FC
4.     X Kilat FC
5.     Jarum Football Club
6.     Shanghai Lanyin
7.     Blanco Suzuka FC
8.     Brickworkz Boy Singapore
9.     Perak Chinese Recreation Club
10.   Cambodia Xikang FC
11.    Hangzhou FC (B)
12.    Hangzhou FC (C)

Grand Master Category (49 years & above)
1.     Sri Muda FC
2.     Perak Chinese Recreation Club
3.     Royal Selangor Club
4.     International Football Club (IFC)
IFC milestones

A group of German Expatriates working in KL formed a social football team - German Football Club, Kuala Lumpur (GFC). The first President was the 2nd Secretary of the German Embassy Dr. Willi A Ritter. Saturday weekly games were played at several places including the Defence Ministry, Universiti Malaya, TPCA Stadium, The Royal Selangor Club, and Linatex field.   

The late Herr. Karl Heinz Weigang (former Malaysia football coach) joined GFC and was the player/coach which he performed in addition to his national duties. Datuk Doug Webster was the first non-German to join the club and became secretary to help with the registration of the club. Webster was made president when Dr. Willi returned to Germany.

GFC was first invited to the annual Senior World Cup in Bangkok organised by the Bangkok German All Stars.

Ho Hon Seong joined the club after being released from national duty. GFC won the Senior World Cup in Bangkok.

The last German member left the country and several Dutch members joined. Leon Partouns was made honorary treasurer. GFC won the senior World Cup in Bangkok again. The name of the club was changed to International Football Club, Kuala Lumpur (IFC).

IFC won the 5th Senior World Cup Tournament in Bangkok for the third time.

1st runner up in the Senior World Cup Tournament in Bangkok

2nd runner up in the Senior World Cup Tournament in Bangkok.

Took part in several overseas tournaments i.e. Sydney, Perth, Bangkok, Phuket. IFC was the runner up in the Songkhla Invitational Nines. Most home games were played at Padang Road 10 in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

IFC was 2nd runner up in the Grove Cup competition in Voghera, Italy.

Played most home games at Padang Road 10 in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Organised the first IFC 9s Tournament in Kelab Aman, Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the club's 40th anniversary.

IFC 9s Tournament was held in Kelab Aman.

Webster was made patron. The club organised its first overseas 9s tournament in Hangzhou, China.

The late Steve Krupa voted in as President and organised the IFC 9s Tournament in Pattaya, Thailand

IFC 9’s tournament was held in Kelab Aman which was also its home ground.

Initiated a charity programme for Kelantan flood victims. IFC 9s tournament was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Continued with its charity programme, this time providing aid to earthquake victims, during the IFC 9s tournament in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Raised USD78,000 for the Kantha Bopha Hospital in Phnom Penh during the IFC 9s tournament there.

IFC 9s Tournament was held in Krabi, Thailand. IFC raised THB140,000 during the tournament and donated the money to an orphanage in Krabi with the help from Krabi United FC. Former president Steve Krupa and senior member of 30 years, Mark Toh, passed away.

IFC celebrated 50th anniversary. IFC 9s was held in Kuala Lumpur.


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