'Explosive' Sunday for Selangor athletics


The above picture was sent to me earlier today. It shows the hall at Wisma OCM, all set for the Selangor Athletics Association extraordinary general meeting this Sunday.

It could turn out to be an "explosive" affair - as reported by news website Twentytwo13 yesterday.

The main issue will be about the RM110,000 from the association's fixed deposit. The problem is, those claiming that the money is "missing" can't seem to provide any form of documentation to show that the money is indeed "missing".

But the series of transactions between Sept 12 and Sept 14 - as reported by Twentytwo13 - raises eyebrows. The transactions amount to RM110,000 and why were they done via the cash deposit machine? 

Does this mean that the association now has over RM220,000 - RM110,000 being the fixed deposit and another RM110,000 via the recent transfers to its accounts?

If the association has indeed raised that amount of money, I would like to commend those running the show for the Covid-19 pandemic had battered and bruised many sports associations.

I was informed 14 out of the 18 affiliates will be attending the EGM on Sunday.

Hopefully this matter will be put to rest once and for all.


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