Oh MCA Youth ... 三思而后行

On Jan 6, MCA Youth tweeted the graphic above.

It caught my attention and I made some phone calls to some friends in MCA, eager to find out if MCA Youth is well aware that MCA vice president Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker is the deputy president of the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Below is what I tweeted minutes ago:

In one of the those phone calls to my friends in MCA, I was informed by a senior member:

"MCA Youth is always eager to find ways to stay relevant but they seem to be lost in their own world."

Here's a pointer MCA Youth, it's best to check when you already have someone within your organisation who is part of the system.

The National Sports Council (NSC or MSN in Bahasa Melayu) relies on government funds. If it's budgeted in the annual budget, they have allocation.

If there's no money for athletes, MCA Youth should tell the prime minister to shed his bloated Cabinet

MCA Youth should also ask the prime minister where did the RM10 million, which was given to the Football Association of Malaysia, came from? 

Kindly refer to my column in Getaran - Kononnya Tak Ada Duit Tapi Ada RM10 Juta Untuk FAM

You can also read what a veteran sports administrator and an Olympian had to say about the RM10 million that was allocated to the national football body in news website, Twentytwo13 (‘FAM must explain how it will use RM10m govt money’)

If they are afraid of the prime minister, they can ask MCA president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong who is part of the Cabinet (as Transport Minister). I'm sure such decisions, involving tax payers' money, are discussed, no?

It's always best to check before jumping on the 'viral, I-want-to-be-popular' bandwagon - especially when you can obtain a clearer picture from your boss is part of the set up. 

It's not like people have much faith left in MCA. Don't lah do things that will hurt the association even more.

As the saying goes, 三思而后行 (think three times before you act / fikir tiga kali sebelum ambil tindakan)

Happy Chinese New Year in advance.


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