Olympian: Vetting system will eradicate politicians, wayang kulit office bearers who use NSA positions for self glory

Clearly frustrated over the Malaysian sports scene, especially football, an Olympian has revisited his suggestion that those intending to hold office in a sports organisation must fulfill a certain criteria.

Former hockey international Maninderjit Singh, aka Mike, said the current practice sees an office bearer nominated before being elected in a national sports association (NSA), 

"I suggest that an additional process - vetting  - be introduced before one is nominated," said Maninderjit this morning.

"As an example, to be a president (of an NSA), one has played in the Malaysian Football League for five seasons, served at least five years at the state level, raised at least RM3 million of sponsorship at the state level, developed two or three national players and that the state obtained an A rating from the Sports Commissioner's Office.

"The nomination will be automatically rejected if one does not fulfill the criteria set.

"With that (criteria set), the elected office bearers are highly knowledgeable (and experienced) when governing the sports.

"And this vetting (process) will eradicate the self enrichment politician and wayang kulit (office) bearers who use such positions for self glory and growth."

Maninderjit, however, admitted it would be tough to amend the constitution of NSAs. 

The former Malaysian Hockey Federation general manager added: "I (have) tried (it) before but it was rejected in two minutes because the affiliates are not able to fulfil the criteria and do not want to move forward."

"The key reason - most of then are deadwood, serving (the NSA) as a past time or hobby.

"It's time for credible and qualified people to lead NSAs."

In 2020, Maninderjit spoke about the vetting process, as published on Twentytwo13.


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