Fairy tale: 'Athletes come down hard on officials'

National shuttlers Goh V Shem and Goh Soon Huat were today issued warning letters for their Instagram postings during the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

It was reported:

Soon Huat’s Instagram posting stated “Bronze medal match not so important?” And followed by three question marks and a sad emoji.

V Shem was more blunt in his posting - “Players fighting for the bronze medal. But, VIPs gone after we lose in the semi-final match.”

Read the full article here

The NST also reported the matter as seen here. Also read Utusan and Berita Harian's reports.

The articles did not state if the VIPs were indeed present during the match. And if they were not there, why?

Now here's a report I know many would like to read. If only it is not a fairy tale ...

TIMBUKTU: Athletes will come down hard on officials who have not performed.

The athletes issued warning letters to officials for failing to keep their promises, pledges or meeting KPIs during the recent Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast.

An athlete said: "We are serious about this. When we talk about producing high performance administrators, we want to also produce complete administrators. 

"What they say often does not translate into reality. When you take up a post, you have to perform."

The athlete added discipline and respect are important but "they work both ways."


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