Finally ... Singaporeans assured of watching World Cup

BURDENING consumers with price hikes is not the solution, as Singtel, StarHub and Mediacorp announced an unprecedented partnership to broadcast in Singapore the upcoming World Cup.
Collaborating for the first time ever, the three entities had in their joint release today (April 25), said fans will pay the same prices as they did to watch the 2014 edition. 

Packages for all 64 matches will be made available on Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO, CAST, StarHub TV, StarHub Go, Mediacorp's Toggle.
Singaporeans will pay S$94.16 (RM277.50) for the early bird price which will last till May 22.

Those who sign up after that date will have to fork out S$112.35 (RM331.11).

Nine matches will be aired on free-to-air television.

According to Straits Times, the three companies started discussions last year and paid some S$25 million (RM73 million) to secure the broadcasting rights – a slight increase from 2014.

ST quoted Deloitte Singapore and Southeast Asia sports business group leader James Walton as saying: "It's nice to see them working together instead of driving up the price through competition.

"In recent years, for both this and the Premier League, we have seen the drive to recruit subscribers and gain market share take precedence - which has led to ever increasing values of the rights packages.

"Since advertising revenue couldn't keep up, the only way to recoup costs was to increase the subscriber charge - but this was simply unsustainable."

Although it still remains unclear if RTM or TV3 will air the World Cup, Malaysian fans can still watch the matches on Astro. Read my previous articles 'The ringgit and sen-se of enjoying 2018 World Cup' and 'RTM still tackling pricey World Cup TV rights'.

Astro Sports Pack subscribers will get to enjoy all 64 matches live without any additional cost while non-subscribers can purchase the World Cup Channel pass at RM120.

Astro and NJOI prepaid customers, meanwhile, can purchase the pass at RM100.

Astro Arena will also air several live matches and this will be free for all in Malaysia to watch on Astro GO, Astro and NJOI.

The station will also provide pre- and post-shows throughout the World Cup.

The biggest football event of the year is scheduled from June 14 to July 15 in Russia.


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