Def Gab C to rock again for the ladies

(L-R) Epyn, Ah Tonk, Jemboo and Asheed at Merah Studio in Ampang. - Pic: Haresh Deol
After a three year hiatus, Def Gab C is set to perform in Terengganu this Friday.

The rock group, known for their hits 'Cinta Sakti' and 'Marilah Maria', will sing the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (MAHA) 2018 theme song 'Segalanya Wanita' during the launch of Karnival Usahawanita 2018 in Kemaman.

Guitarist Mohd Shukry Abd Aziz, 43, better known as Jemboo, joins his original band mates, singer Mohd Ashid Ahmad (Asheed), 45 and drummer Nasyanto Nasip (Ah Tonk), 40. Bassist Ariffin Amir (Epyn), 43, completes the four-piece band.

The band, met at Studio Merah near Ampang Point late last night, revealed working on 'Segalanya Wanita' has given them the push to cut another album soon. The band's last album was Neolithic in 2015.

Manager Fahmy Sidek, 40, said:

"We have been meeting up regularly but it was only about a month ago we got serious in wanting to record more songs. This opportunity (to create and sing 'Segalanya Wanita') came along and we saw this as the best platform for us to make a comeback."

"Def Gab C is not attached to any label at the moment. The band produced the song ('Segalanya Wanita') in this Ampang studio."

Fahmy added the band will continue creating new material upon returning from Terengganu.
Asheed said he and his band mates are eager rock Kemaman.

"It's going to be fun. We have not done this for quite sometime and we are looking forward to a great show. It's a song dedicated to women. We value women, respect them, honour them and more importantly we want to entertain them and our fans who will be at the carnival this Friday."


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