So what is being an OCM official all about?

The question that was posed recently: “So who are you rooting for?”

The question I would like to ask: “What is being part of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) all about?”

To me, being part of OCM is about upholding the Olympic movement and promoting sports - and as such it should be run by people who have sports and the Olympic movement in their minds and hearts.

The objectives of OCM, as listed on its website:

And this is the mission and role of the NOC, as provided in the Olympic Charter.

The OCM is an umbrella body for sports associations in Malaysia - not the parent body. OCM does not govern any sport.

OCM cannot act on its own to select athletes for multi-sporting events like the Olympics, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games and stand advised by the recommendations made by the national sports associations.

But certain individuals seem to be overly eager to secure positions or hold on to their posts ahead of the May 5 elections.


i. Does one become an instant millionaire while in OCM?

ii. Is it because of the perk of flying business class to many parts of the world to attend conferences or events?

iii. Is it due to the ability of giving out accreditation cards? It's best if OCM puts an end to any speculations by making public the list of officials and/or guests who attend multi-sports events, as I had highlighted prior the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

On June 14, 2013, then honorary secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi had, responding to a blog posting of mine then, emailed me "OCM's core business".

It read:

1.  As a ‘Multi-Sports Games’ organization, OCM’s core business is to encourage, facilitate and support its members to participate in the ‘Multi-
Sports Games’ under its charge.

2. As OCM holds the rights of the ‘Multi-Sports Games’, it is OCM’s responsibility to support and add value to the ‘Multi-Sports Games’ by
respecting their rules, sending participants to compete in them, host the ‘Multi-Sports Games’ when provided the opportunity and doing whatever possible to enhance the image, value and viability of the ‘Games’.

3. As members of OCM, the NSAs give ‘life’ to OCM and as such it is OCM’s responsibility to share its resources with them and to improve their capabilities to govern and manage their organisations so that they could carry out their
main responsibility, which is the development of their respective sports more efficiently and effectively.

4. As a ‘Multi-Sports Games’ organisation, it is not the responsibility of OCM to develop any sport, as this would be infringing the responsibilities of OCM’s members, the NSAs, which are the governing organizations of their respective
sports in Malaysia.

5. As the recognized NOC in Malaysia of the IOC, OCM has certain obligations and responsibilities towards the IOC, to implement the programmes of the IOC, through Olympic Solidarity.

6. As a member of ANOC, OCA, CGF, and SEAGF, OCM also has certain obligations and responsibilities towards the above organisations, to implement some of their programmes, such as Torch and Baton Relay, forums, etc.
7. In implementing such programmes, OCM has to prioritize the programme, based on the funding available, the resources, capacity and capabilities of OCM.

8. Protect the autonomy of OCM and the NSAs in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the Constitutions of OCA, CGF and SEAGF.

Now take a good look at the first picture which has the faces of the candidates.

Ask yourself:

i. how have their sports (and not personal status at their respective organisation or positions they may hold in international organisations) prospered under their leadership?

ii. how many of those eyeing for key positions have clocked in the years or showcased their true capabilities as sports administrators?
(It must be recorded that age or "years of experience" does not automatically translate into one being a good administrator).

iii. how many of them were former athletes?
(However, one must take into account that an athlete may not necessarily be a good coach or administrator).


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