Forward-thinking Real Chukai FC puts established peers to shame

I received this press release from Real Chukai Football Club. 

Pretty impressed that the Terengganu-based grassroots club has developed a sponsorship prospectus for the 2023 season, ahead of the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Sports Industry Expo 2022.

The club will also participate in the expo as an exhibitor. 

Such forward-thinking puts some of Real Chukai's more established peers to shame.

Here's the full press statement:

Real Chukai Football Club (“Real Chukai”) has recently completed the development of its sponsorship prospectus for season 2023.

The directors have unanimously approved the sponsorship prospectus, which was developed together with the help of Linda Workroom.

Real Chukai Chief Executive Officer, Amirrul Hakim Osman, said: "This is the first step in the process. We are now awaiting the financial audited report for 2022 which will be included within the prospectus."

"This, however, is an important step, which will allow Real Chukai to concretely start working on sponsorship for the next season, 2023.

"I would like to thank Linda Workroom managing partner, Muhammad Yunus Zakariah for his assistance in helping us prepare the prospectus, in time for the Kuala Lumpur Sports Industry Expo 2022."

Real Chukai will take part in the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Sports Industry Expo 2022, as one of the exhibitors.

Voltra and TATI University College (“UCTATI”) have expressed their interest to extend their sponsorship commitment to 2023. Representatives of Voltra and TATIUC have met Real Chukai executives, with a sponsorship deal to be concluded sometime this month.

Real Chukai welcomes potential brand partners and sponsors to visit them at the expo, which is scheduled this coming Thursday (October 06, 2022) to Sunday (October 09, 2022).


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