Will MCA give ex-president a chance to contest in Bentong?

I wrote about Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker's move to contest in Kuantan on Sept 23

Ti, a lawyer, is MCA's vice-president and enjoys a close relationship with the Pahang royal household.

Soon after, I received several phone calls from MCA folks informing me that their ex-president Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai (main image) is eyeing to reclaim the Bentong Parliamentary seat.

Liow was the incumbent MP for Bentong since 2008 but lost the seat to DAP’s Wong Tack in the 2018 General Election. 

Nevertheless, 'Uncle Liow' seems to still be championing Bentong matters - based on what is reflected on his social media platforms.

"But will MCA's top leadership allow Liow to contest in Bentong? Firstly, he lost there when he was president and secondly, certain quarters are afraid that if he wins, it will be seen as his comeback and he may then eye for the presidency post," said a ranking MCA official.

Another official said: "Is he there most of his time, or his representative?"

If Liow is given the mandate to contest in Bentong, he could face DAP's Young Syefura Othman. She is the Ketari rep.

Got chance, ah? 

Well, anything is possible, especially when it's pretty much a level-playing field in GE15 - as far as many are concerned.

Just look at Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani. The senior Umno man is still reeling from the defeat to Datuk Seri Rina Harun in Titiwangsa in 2018. He is eager to redeem his pride and may very well be given the mandate to contest the Parliamentary seat, yet again.

The difference - Umno has many other individuals who are trying their luck to play boss. And to them, Johari isn't a threat.

But the same cannot be said in MCA ...


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