Football trials on Christmas? Come on lah

The first letter that stated trials for KL's U19 team is on Dec 25, 2017

Guess what is happening on Dec 25, 2017?


AND ....

Trials for Kuala Lumpur's Under-19 team.


And this is what someone within the city football structure said:

"Of all the 365 days they have to have the selection on Christmas day. Is PBKL (KL Football Association) not aware it is a public holiday. Don't they have any respect on this festival. Are they depriving some of the players who will be celebrating Xmas which come once in a year. Officials in PBKL, wake up."

KL Football Association quickly changed the date to Dec 23, 2017. New letters were issued this morning (below).

The letter with a new date sent out today.

Another case of terlepas pandang?


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