No place for 'arrogant Umno leaders'

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THE Mall - once a shopping haven in the 1990s and just walking distance for those who lived at Pekeliling Flats.

The main attraction was its indoor theme park - Starlight Express - where rides like the Matterhorn and The Ship were a hit.

It was (and still is) a meeting place for politicians - mainly Umno members as the headquarters is  located just opposite the main road.

Today the Mall has been re-branded to Sunway Putra Mall. Starlight Express is no more as the space now houses cafes and restaurants.

But the most famous eatery is Dolly Dim Sum - located on the ground floor near the main entrance.

And it is here you not only get delicious halal dim sum but also interesting conversations about Umno and politics.

"It's clear some people are gunning to take on big roles to elevate their status in both Umno and the government," said a long-time Umno member and a close friend as he stuffed his faced with a steamed beef ball.

"Khairy (Jamaluddin) obviously wants to be the vice president. Hishammuddin (Hussein) is expected to retain or defend his position as vice-president.

"Even Ismail Sabri Yaakob (currently Umno Supreme council member) is eager to occupy a bigger post."

Earlier today, an Umno youth delegate hinted for Umno Youth chief Khairy to "one day be elected as a vice president", as reported by NST.

But Mr Dim Sum lover pointed out that those who want to be at the top must think national. He singled out Umno secretary-general (who is also the Federal Territories Minister) Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor as being too "Kuala Lumpur-centric".

"As the general secretary he should be reaching out to the grassroots nationwide, explaining the situation we are in. But that's not happening."

Umno Supreme Council member Johari Abdul Ghani, who is Second Finance Minister, faced a similar predicament, he said.

"But the difference is that Johari is Mr Titiwangsa," he said referring to Johari's constituency.

"If Johari contests in Titiwangsa again, he will surely win. The people there love him."

Ku Nan recently hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after labeling UiTM students as "slow learners". He later apologised.

Rocky Bru had in his Nov 6 blog posting wrote: "Ku Nan is obviously keen on contesting in the coming GE and at this point, in my humble slow-learner opinion, he is Umno's least winnable candidate."

Mr Dim Sum lover said: "Another Supreme Council member (Ahmad) Shabery Cheek is someone who should be groomed for bigger things."

Ahmad Shabery, then Information Minister, had in 2008 participated in what Malaysiakini called a historic debate against Anwar Ibrahim which was broadcast live on television.

"He has done quite a number of things during his time in various ministries and as Kemaman MP. But he is too modest and perhaps that is construed as being timid. He actually has what it takes.

"After all, there aren't many candidates with caliber ... that's the reality."

There are other potentials in the form of Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Mahdzir Khalid added the Umno contact.

The Umno contact admitted the grassroots were not happy with many things including issues surrounding president Najib Razak but stressed the party will always be "dignified" in its approach when it comes to such matters.

"If anyone think they can just parachute (in) and play hero, they are wrong. We will always respect the hierarchy. That's Umno for you.

His tone changed as he added: "If you think you are good enough, your time will come. But it must be through the due process. Jangan ingat you pandai sangat, jangan ingat akar umbi bodoh."

Mr Dim Sum lover summed up by saying: "BN will lose more seats but will win GE14.

"What happens after that is more important. Ramai dah muak, fed up, menyampah dengan Umno ... even (those) within Umno are having such sentiments. We must correct that ... (there is) no place for arrogant leaders.

"And we must also correct the perception of the party among Malays and non-Malays alike."


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