Low turnout at Olympians AGM. Where are our (young) Olympians?

We have over 300 athletes who have donned the national colours at the Olympics.

Sadly, only 22 Olympians turned up for the Malaysia Olympians Association annual general meeting this morning.


And where are the younger athletes?

Former cyclist Ng Joo Pong put the absentees to shame.

Having to use a walker, Ng drove all the way (alone) from Shah Alam to Wisma OCM for the meeting. 

The others who attended the meeting were:
Khairuddin Zainal (Hockey - 1972, 1976)
Ariffin Ahmat (Athletics - 1968)
Karu Selvaratnam (Athletics - 1964)
Noraseela Khalid (Athletics - 2012)
Khoo Cai Lin (Swimming - 2008, 2012)
Fazin Saad (Cycling - 1972)
Ong Ewe Hock (Badminton - 1996, 2000)
Jeffery Ong (Swimming - 1988, 1992)
Dr M. Jegathesan (Athletics - 1960, 1964 & 1968)
Tai Beng Hai (Hockey - 1992)
Iman Gobinathan (Hockey - 2000)
Josephine Mary (Athletics - 1988)
R. Yogeswaran (Hockey - 1964, 1968)
R. Pathmarajah (Hockey - 1972, 1976)
Mirnawan Nawawi (Hockey - 1992, 1996, 2000)
N. Sri Shanmuganathan (Hockey - 1968, 1972, 1976)
M. Kaliswaran (Hockey - 1996)
Abdul Rahim Abdullah (Football - 1972)
Nurul Huda Abdullah (Swimming - 1988)
Michael Chew (Hockey - 1984)
S. Sabapathy (Athletics - 1972)

Several individuals who attended the meeting were speechless with the turnout.

"We were informed (about the meeting) way in advance. It's a crying shame so few turned up.

"Only one representative from badminton (Ewe Hock) and football (Abdul Rahim)? I just don't know what to say," said an Olympian.

Another went on to say: "When it comes to free things especially tickets, the Olympians become very active and demand the association do stuff for them. But when it comes to meetings, they are nowhere to be seen."



  1. MOA need to reach out to the Olympians. Letters and emails (many of them don't have) is not enough. Were phone calls made. Does MOA have representatives in their Council for each region eg North, South, East Coast and East Malaysia to inform their members or engage them. What activities have MOA had for their members since they were elected in. Look in the mirror MOA! They have a mixed exco lineup with young and old but yet not working as it should be. Is the new breed of officials be stifled?


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