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The Sports Commissioner's Office (SCO) has taken a shot at the Malaysian Snooker and Billiards Federation (MSBF).

And the national body was quick to admit the SCO was right in doing so.

Sports Commissioner Datuk Zaiton Othman told NST MSBF has been given a final warning to provide necessary information, including their Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes, or face deregistration.

"As the national body, they (MSBF) should lead by example especially in terms of good governance," said Zaiton, when contacted yesterday," Zaiton was quoted as saying.
"It is sad when a national body do not manage themselves well. How are they going to support their affiliates and help the sport reach greater heights?"
Read the full report here.
MSBF preisdent Melvin Chia said: "The documentation is in place but our secretary (David Ong) had failed to submit (to SCO)."
"We also shifted our office three times and thus we didn't receive any letters, something I had already explained to her (Zaiton's) officer right after the SEA Games last year.
"But I'm not offering any excuses. The SC is right to say what she has said. We will have our AGM right after Chinese New Year," he added.
MSBF used to have a training space at Casa 1, National Sports Council but were given the boot after the previous committee had disbanded its development programme. Since then the national cue artists have been training on their own at various snooker clubs.
The state affiliates mainly comprise of operators of snooker centres. 
Cue sports often dominate the limelight during the regional Games but is quickly forgotten soon after. It has also been subjected to infighting for years.
Since the 2007 SEA Games in Korat, the national cue artists have contributed five gold medals in the regional Games (1 - Korat 2007; 1 - Palembang 2011; 1- Naypyidaw 2013; 2- Singapore 2015).
Moh Keen Ho showing off his gold medal at Korat 2007. It was Malaysia's 64th gold medal at the regional Games.
The national team, however, failed to live up to expectations after managing only three bronze medals at KL2017.


  1. what about sepak takraw? Were they given warning as well?



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