French Affair?

A fellow blogger and several SMS's from a handful of acquaintances alerted me about the article Tagih bantuan Houllier published in Harian Metro today.

I laughed.

And I'm still laughing.

Why France?

Because we're very similar in government interference? Or because are we 'racist' like them? Or because their logo (pic) represents our 'talk cock' syndrome? Hmmm.

My question: Our locals not good enough?

But I better reserve my comments for some people "kuat merajuk" and start bitching about me behind my back without realising that all said will come back to my ears.

And I'll continue to laugh.

If time permits, I'll try and gather the thoughts of my fellow journos and bloggers in and around the region. Otherwise, I would like to quote what an 'official' once said;

"I don't respond to such an article."

HD says: I like onion rings more to French fries.


  1. I like Onion rigs too Haresh Deol. Frenchy-frenchy semua boring la!!

  2. The master of football had spoken


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