The tale of four Datuks

It all started here (pic).

Who would have thought that a simple Memorandum of Understanding between the National Sports Institute and the University of Bath would turn out to be a bitter lesson for Malaysian sports. But I see it as a blessing in disguise.

I wrote this piece in today's Mailsports.

While some may have a kick out of it, it isn't a laughing matter to begin with.

I truly do hope that Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek will look into this - we're all tired of the communication breakdown between the National Sports Council, the National Sports Institute and the national bodies.

Here is to quote a senior official from a national federation;

"One side must please NSC, other side must please NSI. When go NSC function, all they do is thrash talk NSI. When go NSI function, all they do is justify their actions. How to tahan?"

HD says
: Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown has always been my ring tone.


  1. Bath seems like Brickendonbury, albeit on a smaller scale. Does this mean the facilities and personnel at ISN not up to the task?

    1. Why need to bathe in bath when you can go sunbathing in Paris?

    2. Study Misbun's comments and unhappiness towards ISN in recent years.

    3. Is someone out to justify the MoU with Bath U?

    In the meantime let's take a bath ok haresh


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