The French connection

Ah Paris, the city of love.

In two weeks time, quite a number of Malaysians will be in the French capital for a whole lot of things - except love.

1. Our shuttlers, led by world No 1 Lee Chong Wei, are eager to justify their presence at the World Championships (Aug 23-29) at the Pierre De Coubertin Stadium.

2. Our hockey team will be eager to tell the world that they are back on track in the Five Nations tournament (Aug 24-29)

3. A representative from the Sports Ministry and a high ranking official from the National Sports Council will be eager to meet the folks from the French Football Federation hoping to make 'a connection'. Otherwise they could settle for an autograph of Raymond Domenech at the very least. By the way, the French team lost 2-1 to Norway this morning.

HD says: J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon français.


  1. city of love...hope they will give us some "love" hehe...and not the same ol' stories...`parmi les amants'

  2. Il ne serait pas plus facile à amener un traducteur au lieu de pratiquer ton "compétences" françaises ? :p


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