Nothing but the truth

It was July 12, 2009. I was at the media room at the Cheras Stadium.

As I took my seat next to NST's Devinder Singh, I studied the start list between Malaysia and 'Zimbabwe'. I looked at Devinder and joked "Wanna bet this isn't the real team?"

Devinder laughed it off. I then told Devinder that we should check the Zimbabwe team list nevertheless...just for the fun of it. And we did.

Five minutes later we found that the team was not Zimbabwe, but Monomotapa United instead.

Some 90 minutes later Malaysia won 4-0. Was it a Con Deal?

Fast forward a year later, this was reported in BBC.

Update: FIFA says "no comment". Read it in today's The Malay Mail.

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HD says
: Only five minutes yo. By the way, try reading the book Nothing but the truth. It may take some time tho.


  1. The head of the Zimbabwe Football Federation Zifa, has been charged over match-fixing allegations.

  2. Apasal FAM kita ni bodoh sangat??

  3. Bodoh is a strong word. Let's be polite and say 'kurang bijak'. At least that would spare us from any legal threats. :)

  4. At least for once FAM can say they didn't do it.


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