Bookies tried to fix Malaysia-Palestine match, reveal sources

Bookies had attempted to fix a world cup qualifying match in Kuala Lumpur, sources have revealed, as the FA of Malaysia (FAM) will continue to keep a close eye on the matter.

Insiders revealed a foreigner "had hooked up" with a local match fixer to manipulate the Malaysia-Palestine match in favour of the host team at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on June 16. Malaysia, however, were hammered 6-0 by the middle east outfit.

"Our information has revealed there were at least two people involved. They had tried to manipulate the match but we believed they failed to do and there were no irregular betting patterns for the match," an insider said.

An Asian Footabll Confederation (AFC) source confirmed the regional body was well aware of the allegation but said the case had since been classified as NFA (no further action).

FAM integrity department head Osman Bakar said he was notified about the matter by AFC and had cautioned the coaches and players prior the match.

"Yes, we were informed but there was nothing more to it. I've been keeping an eye on such cases since 2012 but it's always a situation of allegations without anything concrete for us to follow through," he said.


  1. Kalau tengok game..takde bookie effect..memang patut kene belasah bang..ngeeee

  2. 1-6 tapi tak ada bookie? Hahaha tahniah kita bersih. Whatever.

    Sedikit kecewa bila HD tak komen langsung pasal Ibercup atau isu FAM vs NFDP yang media utama cuba petisejukkan walaupun semua peminat bola dalam Malaysia dah tahu.

    Setidak-tidaknya nak juga tahu, jika ada understanding antara NFDP dan FMLLP.

    When is the next and the next World Cup u-17?

  3. Not surprised, at all !

    Malaysia' is a land of "Boleh's" The sport of football particularly, many many "Boleh's"

    Malaysian, football don't deserve to be talked about at all. Everything they do is fake, they just need a reason to scavenge all the monies available - like corps eating vultures.

    We can be rest assured, none, be it national body or the state body governing the sport. All they want and seek is how to capitalize on the monies available, as much as possible, before their retirement or removal.

    Maybe, JDT is an exception. But we still have to wait and see what comes in future for them.

    Looking at the performance ditched out by the Malaysian team, one could easily say that the players were already been informed that they're going to win before the match. They were playing as though they were in a training session. Even coach Dollah, looked lost and wondered what has happen to the fixing.

    Dollah, is among the few coaches in Malaysia' who progressed to this level because some individuals liked and paved the way for him, to be where he is today.

    In reality he is a shame to the sport - 6-0 trashing can definitely prove that.

    Everyone at FAM and also the team knew the match is in their favor. But when the news was leaked to the public running up to the match day, they got frightened and pulled out from the fixing, leaving the team to determine their fate on the field.

    This took everyone by surprise which lead to humiliation, beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Match fixing and bribery in the sport has grown to an extent beyond any hope of recovery. When FIFA can be bought and manipulated FAM and the others likewise are just their breakfast.

    One thing we can be sure of, Malaysian' football is a total fake, and has no future whatsoever to be talked or even think for a second.

    We're going around in circle, reaching the same place where we started.

    Lets take away the taxpayers money from them. Put it on education and training to improve the ability and knowledge of those wishing to improve the sport technically and spiritually.

    This is the only hope available for the future of the sport, in the Malaysian context.

    There must be some minimum standard. We must ask Dollah, whether he does and do

    Salam ramadan.


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