Jangan Tido!

I received several messages from an Asian Games medalist some 15 minutes ago.

This athlete is diligent and despite having just returned from Guangzhou, China yesterday, the athlete decided to start the day by sweating it out at the National Sports Institute gymnasium.

Sadly, the athlete was forced to wait some 40 minutes before the gym opened. The athlete claims that it is suppose to open at 7.30am.

While waiting for the gym to open, the athlete and I exchange several messages.

"Not like f$?king waking up at 7am after asian games for 2 weeks isn't hard enough" the athlete said.

And I replied: "‎​Biasak la they dun expect any1 to be there today"

The athlete then said:"‎​Well I'm f$?king training!"

I replied: "‎​U diligent. They not."

And the athlete nailed it by saying: "Regradless!!how the f$?k are we gonna succeed??"


HD says: As my late father always said, "Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."


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