Vow gone wrong?

When the clock goes way past midnight and a person has one too many drinks, he tends to spill.

Apparently, the national hockey team made a vow before playing India in the semi final of the just concluded Asian Games in China - to go bald if they made it to the final.

Malaysia edged India 4-3 to play Pakistan in the final.

It seems that the players didn't really go bald as promised. Instead, they sported patches of hair, some in the front, some behind and some lines.

And that wasn't part of the pact.

Malaysia lost 2-0 to Pakistan to pick up the silver medal.

I'm sure some people might find their hair-styles to be 'less than appealing'. Some said that it showed lack of discipline.

To me it wasn't so much about the hair, but the performance in the final. I know the lads could have done way better.

But there are those who claim that divine intervention had a say in it. Bottom line, if you make a vow, make sure you honour it.

Oh well, let's leave this hair-y issue aside now eh.

HD says: To believe, or to not believe...


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