If Malaysia played in the World Cup...

Ultras Tonjol FC, as published in Mailsport today.
SOCIAL media has played an integral part in the Brazil World Cup, so vital that many instantly update their Twitter and Facebook right after a goal is scored or a match ends.

There are also comments made by these fans, from intelligent analysis to silly criticisms about a particular player or team. This was also evident in the previous edition in South Africa.

It would be interesting (or scary) to see the comments that would be posted online had Malaysia qualifi ed for the on-going World Cup. After all, we tend to be overly critical when it comes to fellow Malaysians.

Here are several scenarios:

1. Dutchman Tim Krul was hailed for saving two attempts by Costa Rica to see Holland edge the South American team 4-3 in penalties (after a goalless draw in) in the quarterfi nals. 
Had Khairul Fahmi Che Mat done the same? Sure use jampi (spell) lah.

2. Belgium’s forward Marouane Fellaini was named by several websites, including globaltoptens.com, as among those with the best hairstyles at the World Cup. 
Imagine what some would say if Amri Yahyah spotted the Afro-look? Doesn’t FA of Malaysia or Johor Darul Takzim pay him enough to get a haircut?

3. Several players in the German team suff ered fl u-like symptoms before their quarterfi nal match against France. 
Had our footballers faced similar symptoms, the critics would (typically) blame the National Sports Institute while you would read comments on Twitter that state: “too much nasi lemak and roti canai, thus the poor immune system.”

4. If we won the World Cup?
One time win declare holiday 10 days. If win two times, declare holiday one year? Get real.

5. If we lost the World Cup?
Blame the government. Wrong or right, just blame the government.

We’re left with less than a week before the World Cup ends. For some of us, our focus will shift to the Malaysia Cup.

Let’s support our local boys and hopefully (#wishfulthinking) they would one day join the likes of the world’s greatest and play in the World Cup. And I hope I would still be alive to see it happen.


  1. To see Malaysia playing in the world cup...!

    Off cause, why not! all we need to do is buy it with money, M league a good example on how to do it.
    Malaysia has evolved to become a country with its leaders governing without "soul"
    Just look around and see how leaders misuse their powers and also can stoop very low when comes to saying and doing things, which are only to satisfy their selfish desire for power and greed.
    Worst still, they can also get away with all these corruption and sedition.
    One must not have too much power and money. When this happens they automatically become scared of their own shadow. They want to protect their interest and powers at any cost - they suddenly become thinkers and philosophers disgracefully - just look around us and you will see and know what i mean.

    HSKL says: Brain stop working when one has too much power and money! - when everything becomes easy.


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