'5 euro sehari'

Duit poket lebih kurang 5 euro (RM23) sehari dikatakan menjadi punca beberapa pemain diketuai penyerang Faizal Saari berasa tawar hati untuk terus menyarung jersi skuad hoki negara selepas hanya menerima sejumlah RM500 bagi kunjungan ke Piala Dunia di The Hague, Belanda dua bulan lalu.

That was taken from the backpage of Harian Metro today.

If true:

1. Who and/or which organisation was involved in allocating and/or handing out funds to the hockey players?

2. Who determined the figure of RM500 and on what basis?

3. Why was it right to send selected officials (with their air tickets fully sponsored) to Holland during the same duration instead of allocating the same funds to the athletes?

4. What has been done to address the brewing problems within the national hockey team?

5. What is the finding of a team that has been assigned to look into the "issues faced (if any)" within the national hockey team?

6. Are the players' welfare truly protected - not just in hockey but also in other sports - by the respective parties, from the nationals sports associations to government agencies?

Hopefully such questions will be answered.

HD says: A gentle reminder to 'officials' - our athletes are the REAL heroes.


  1. Dear Bro Haresh,

    Can add another 6 or more questions lah bro..what we read may just be the surface....dig a little deeper....real stinko !!!!!
    Ever since Dharma'e elevation.....something seems not quite right with the people who are running hockey.
    Few days before the World Cup (hockey)......the coach, for not having been paid, threatened to quit.Suddenly some people in coat and tie rubbished it as miscommunication.Some went quiet like a mouse.
    During the World Cup.....many hockey pundits and commentators were puzzled with the continued presence of Paul Revington during Malaysia's matches.....and he was not there as a spectator.
    Just when the team returned blue black and dazed,a fact finding task force has been set up to fault find. Where were these people when they were needed most, especially before the WC ?

    Now ,someone is trying to cheat the players for their hard work.Never mind their performance....but all of them tried their hardest for a win or a draw.Wonder where the sponsor's money goes.
    The above script looks very familiar with football teams of Africa during their World Cup forays.Players not paid as promised.
    Money given by Fifa not shared with players.Players boycotting flights, trainings,dinners.Thankfully, Faizal and his gang did not resort to such stupidity.They took it in their stride and gave their best.
    Hope MHF is not having an incestuous relationship or dangerous liaisons with such third world bodies.

    How about RM32 for the Commonwealth Games hockey players ?

    Peminat Sukan JB


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