Murder of Estonian model on Johor island shocks fashion industry

As published in Malay Mail today.

PETALING JAYA — Fashion models and industry players are questioning the circumstances leading to the death of top freelance model Regina Soosalu on July 1.
This comes about after police had yesterday classified the case as murder after injuries were found on the Estonian’s body.
Talks behind the runway curtain and at studios revealed Soosalu was “going out” with a member of a royal family for the past three years and that he owns a resort on Rawa Island, located off Mersing.
Described as “strong and independent” and having plastered her face on the covers of international magazines, fellow models claim they only learned of her death five days later through her partner’s status on Facebook.
The partner had, in his posting on July 6, said: “I am deeply saddened and totally heartbroken to confirm the worst tragedy of my life. Regina my love has passed away on July 1, in the holy month of Ramadan.
“She is my love, my best friend and will continue to be my inspiration for the rest of my life. Her heart was filled with greatness, love and compassion for all beings and life itself. Whichever faith or freed you may be, know that her energy/soul/spirit continues in this cruel world.
“Words can not express the emptiness and heartache I feel. Farewell for now, never goodbye. Till we meet again I love you My baby, you’ll always be in my heart X”.
A close friend in the industry, who declined to be named, said: “She was considered as one of the top models in our industry and made a name for herself through sheer hard work. Soosalu was the best among us.”
Read more in Malay Mail today.


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