MHC in the red

As published in Mailsport today

By Vijhay Vick

PETALING JAYA — The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) has made a desperate call to its sponsors to pay up as debt mounts. 

Treasurer Datuk N. Radhakrishnan, who was appointed last April, told Mailsport the national body owes about RM800,000 to its stakeholders, including affiliates and officials. 

But he insists the bank books will be balanced in a couple of months and is confident MHC will not have to take legal action to collect the money owed by sponsors.

“I have briefed the president (Tengku Abdullah Shah) on the cash flow and he is looking at ways to get funds. We have cleared the arrears from 2013 and the first half of 2014,” revealed Radhakrishnan. 

Among the figures still outstanding are the Malaysian Hockey League (MHL) overall category prize money in excess of RM150,000. The competition ended on Dec 14. 

State affiliates have also not received their participation subsidy of RM3,000 each for the Raja Noora Ashikin (RNA) Cup in November.

“We are pursuing the sponsors and they have promised to settle the amount soon,” said Radhakrishnan. 

“There are several organisations who waited for our (public relations value) reports which we have already submitted. We should get the money next month.” 

He promised the money owed for the MHL and RNA Cup will be made by mid-February. 

On Monday, MHC senior vice president Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad pointed fingers at sponsors for financial problems faced by the association since last year and demanded they fulfil their contractual obligations. 

“We have a financial structure every year but it becomes a problem when sponsors delay payments,” he said. 

Azmi was responding to MHC’s intent to finance Australian coach Neil Hawgood’s stint after paymasters National Sports Council refused to appoint him before MHC’s annual general meeting. 

Azmi, however, did not explain why MHC needed Hawgood — who has never coached a national men’s team — when there were more qualified Malaysians willing to serve the country.


  1. While we are at the issue of "in the red" there are strong winds saying that even the NSAM (shooting) is also in the red.


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