Minister’s private secretary arrested over false claims

As published in Malay Mail today

PETALING JAYA — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has arrested the private secretary of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun, for allegedly making false claims.

The private secretary, who was picked up in Kuching together with four contractors on Monday, has been remanded for seven days. He is believed to have made the claims amounting to RM100,000 for projects that never took place.

“As private secretary, he was able to enter into deals of not more than RM20,000. He made several deals but they were never made public,” said an insider who declined to be named.
“The contractors have been released but the private secretary has been remanded and will be flown to Kuala Lumpur for investigations.

“Each claim is believed to be between RM18,000 and RM20,000 and it is believed the total claims amounted to at least RM100,000. The matter is still being investigated and hopefully he will be able to shed some light,” the insider said.

Entulu has been informed of the case. 

Meanwhile, MACC met Sabah politicians and assemblymen in Kota Kinabalu yesterday to get them to pledge their support in busting graft. — By Haresh Deol


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