Brickbats expected but will the tune change if Harimau Malaya wins?


Rasvinder Singh is Twentytwo13's latest contributor. And he is based in Singapore.

In his first article, Rasvinder wrote:

"Singapore was the first to use naturalised players for their benefit. While it did bring the nation short-term glory, I feel the sense of achievement is diluted by the presence of these naturalised players.

In the long term, this decision didn’t benefit Singapore at all.

What I am in favour of is for players of mixed-parentage or with ancestral links to represent a nation that they were not born in."

Rasvinder is a big Malaysian supporter. Now that's pretty rare coming from Singapore.

The Harimau Malaya line-up - featuring naturalised and heritage footballers - has been subject of debate in recent days. The discussions intensified after Malaysia lost 4-0 to UAE earlier this morning.

Malaysia crushed 4-0 by UAE in World Cup qualifier was the News Straits Times' headline.

Utusan published an article Pemain naturalisasi jadi sasaran kemarahan penyokong Malaysia.

The brickbats are expected. Bet people will quickly forget tomorrow - like when the national team was hammered 10-0 by UAE ... remember???? 

Malaysia will play Vietnam and Thailand next. No walk in the park as those two teams are reputable sides in the region.

Will the tune change, and the jeers turn to cheers, if the same line-up recorded a win (or two)?


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