Let's debate about sports and "pointless lockdown"


The guy who runs Bahas Bola is Muhammad Yunus Zakariah. And he also contributes his views on news website Twentytwo13.

Bahas Bola had retweeted Yunus' article that was published on Twentytwo13 earlier this morning, as per the image above. And the team handling the Visi Sukan Negara 2030 Twitter account saw the need to retweet the tweet.

So what caught their attention? A debate on sports or the "pointless lockdown"? Or should we instead get Bahas Bola to organise a debate themed: Sports and the "pointless lockdown".

Why "pointless lockdown?" Malaysia today recorded 6,276 new Covid-19 cases today - this despite the "total lockdown" that started on June 1. Thirty days on and the daily figure remains above 6,000.

Sports, especially those at the grassroots, are crying. It's been an extremely excruciating journey for them. 

Brother Khal, who is part of Padang Bola Sepak, tweeted this yesterday:

Taking cue from the posting above, Padang Bola Sepak tweeted this. And that was my reply ..

Now, here's another topic (or two) to debate about.


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