What's 'Reformasi Olahraga Malaysia' all about?

This morning, my views regarding the national athletics scene were published on news website Twentytwo13. Read Plagued by controversies, MAF needs to buck up, big time.

Right after the article appeared online, I received several phone calls and messages - with one them revealing there's a new WhatsApp group - Reformasi Olahraga Malaysia.

So what's the group all about?

Apparently, some individuals are on a "fact finding" mission regarding the Malaysian athletics scene. It remains unclear if this is an attempt to push for radical changes within the top management of the Malaysia Athletics Federation.

I was informed "many things have and will be discussed in the group" but as for now, there's "nothing to share".

I wish those behind this "reformasi" group know what they are doing and that their main objective should be about helping to elevate the sport. 

This should not be political, and should not mirror the antics of a particular "reformasi" leader who is still waiting (after over two decades) to become prime minister.

If there are those who think they can do a better in administrating and promoting athletics in Malaysia, list down your plans and make sure there are KPIs. 

Time to walk the talk.


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