Will MAF council members hold 'emergency' meeting to discuss Hup Wei saga?


In my column in Malay-language news website Getaran, published this morning, I wrote:

KOM hairan kenapa perkara ini menjadi isu. Kesatuan tersebut berkata pegawai yang telah disenarai pendek tersebut, antara lain, “tahu undang-undang olahraga, berpengalaman 40 tahun dan fasih berbahasa Inggeris”. Bak orang putih, “So what?”

Adakah KOM berpendapat wakil dari MSN and MOM tidak tahu undang-undang olahraga, tidak berpengalaman dan tidak fasih berbahasa Inggeris? Jadi wakil MSN and MOM ke Tokyo untuk makan angin?

The last sentence is meant to be read in a sarcastic manner. I'm forced to put this on record as people are just too literal these days.

But back to the issue surrounding Lee Hup Wei, his coach and their trip to the Tokyo Olympics. Read Twentytwo13's article published on Monday to understand the saga better.

I have another question regarding the suggestion (or decision) by the Malaysia Athletics Federation to send an official, and not Hup Wei's coach, to Japan. Was it a collective decision by the MAF council?

Will the MAF council members hold an emergency meeting to discuss the matter - since it has been made public?

This reminds me of my article on Twentytwo13 published last Friday - Will Malay rulers meet to save Malaysia? I wrote:

All eyes are on Malay rulers to see if they will meet once the total lockdown ends to discuss the state of affairs in Malaysia ...

And true enough, Istana Negara yesterday issued a statement confirming the Malay rulers will meet on June 16

Who knows, maybe MAF will also hold an emergency meeting soon too ...


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