Nauraj Singh gets show cause letter from Malaysia Athletics Federation


The Malaysia Athletics Federation (MAF) has issued Nauraj Singh with a show cause letter following the high jumper's recent comment on Facebook.

MAF, had in its letter, said:

"We do not tolerate such unscrupulous and unethical statements of yours which inevitably tarnish the good name of the MAF. Your statement sullies the good name of the Federation and the management and also erodes the public's confidence in them as those uphold the standard and welfare of the athletes.

"We will do the necessary to defend the dignity and integrity of our Federation. We trust that you will take note of our concerns and be guided accordingly."

The matter was reported by New Straits Times today.

Perhaps this is MAF's way of telling athletes that they should voice their opinions through "proper channels". 

It will be nice if MAF and Nauraj discussed this matter. 

It's not about the act of posting the comments. It's the comments that need to be looked in - and the steps that should be taken to either clarify or address them.


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