The countdown begins - Part 1: Mas 3 Ina 0

This should have been done earlier but was having problems getting online on my Celcom-powered Blackberry.

Here goes:

4.15pm - Traffic was surprisingly clear. Smooth journey to parking bay C at the National Stadium.

5.00pm - Bumped into several people, old friends and good friends.

5.11pm - Met Jakarta Globe columnist-cum-Jakarta Casual blogger Antony Sutton at the LRT station. There's an Indonesian invasion at Bkt Jalil.

5.30pm - More and more Indonesians seen at the std area. Beginning to wonder if there are more than 15,000 around.

5.45pm - After a burger ayam and some keropok lekor, masuk stadium through the Red Gate. Was asked by a Rela officer if I smoked and I said no. Was let off the hook without any touching session. Quite easy to sneak in stuff eh.

6.01pm - Hail Raja-nikanth! National coach K.Rajagobal inspects the pitch while receiving a standing ovation.

6.30pm - Look who's here. Hassan Sani and family. Sempat bergambaq lagi tu.

6.37pm - Is that Rod Stewart singing??!? Biar benar wei.

7.00pm - Connection sucks big time. @$#%&(*&%^&*!!!!!!

7.36pm - Among the other familiar faces at the stands include the ever humble Datuk Dell Akhbar Khan, the cool Boss Minarwan Nawawi and Dez Corkhill in his white Astro Arena shirt with a Malaysian scarf around his neck.

10.15pm - MALAYSIA menang 3-0!

10.17pm - Former FAM deputy president Khairy Jamaluddin surprised me with a brief "Hello Haresh" and "Good game" at the main entrance of the stadium.

12.15am - Ended the night with some good bak kut teh at Pandan Indah.

HD says: Sheer entertainment at its best. To those who missed the game - you missed the match of the decade. Hoping for the best in Jakarta.


  1. Keropok not kerepot hahaha

  2. keropok, kerepot, janji boleh makan la :)

    thanks anyway anon.

  3. I tried to do some tweeting while I was at Shah Alam for the SOS Cup months back, but the complex iPhone setting that came along spoiled the plan when I tried using Digi pre-paid :(

  4. Pohui,
    Digi, Celcom, Maxis, all the same. There are days where they are beyond excellent and days where they suck big time.


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