The unofficial website

Now my question is, why doesn't the national hockey league have its own website?

While we continue to ponder over it, SS Dhaliwal has taken the liberty to initiate the unofficial Malaysian Hockey League website.

Division One started on Dec 3 while the Premier League will commence on Dec 17.

From my observation, unofficial websites generally provide more 'interesting news'.

In the meantime, Mailsports will be running a series of articles featuring teams participating in the Premier league.

HD says: It's going to be an interesting league.


  1. Hi Haresh,

    There's some problem to the link to SS Dhaliwal's site..


  2. Bro,

    like in the past some collaboration with the local papers on league news with sponsor's logo to promote the league and mileage for the sponsor.

    there seems to be a bully pushing to benefit himself.


  3. If I am not mistaken Selangor Hockey Association got a webpage featuring their league and their activities

  4. Bro observer,

    Sad to say Mailsports won't be having the sponsor's logo as we have the well-being of the sports in mind, but it would be nice if they could come in with logo-buys :)

    Hockey fan,
    I'm aware of Sgor HA having its own website. Simple yet informative. My question is, if SHA can do it, why not the organisers of the national league? Hmm...


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