Tickets habis dijual

As far as the RM50 tickets are concerned.

Got a phone call from a good friend and he confirmed that the RM50 tickets for the AFF Suzuki Cup final (first leg) between Malaysia and Indonesia were all snapped up within an hour right after the booths opened at 10am.

Apparently, there are about 2,500 RM50 tickets that were completely sold off.

Promising sign that it could be a jam packed fiesta at the National Stadium on Sunday.

HD says: Anthony, I'm trying to get a couple of tickets for you, so hang in there.


  1. though the atmosphere is gonna be great, but it's gonna be too jam packed. better just sit home and watch la, mr deol.

  2. Wah Jon F, finally lah. How you been?

  3. Elaborating on 'how have i been' is too explicit for public viewing la, deol. we meet up soon la! go picca's! since you owe me lunch anyways. hahaha

  4. Hi Haresh,

    Am a friend of Rizal Hashim and also a reader of T Sutton's blog, I got extra RM30 tix if you like, bought them for a friend but he can't go. So maybe you can offer them for Jakarta Casual.

    R Abidin
    Borakbola at gmail dot com (email me - ask Rizal about me)

  5. Okay Hitcher, will get in touch with you soon if I can't purchase the RM50 tickets that were promised to me. Cheers!

  6. 1) dtg awal
    2) makan burger/kebab and minum teh dulu
    3) borak2
    4) masuk stadium
    5) sorak2 jerit gol...
    6) balik happy msia menang :)
    activities for tmrw okay?


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