Of bomohs and Pressmen

We have this love-hate relationship with our good neighbours Indonesia.

Thus it comes to no surprise why the Malaysia-Indonesia return leg AFF Suzuki Cup in Jakarta tomorrow is a hot topic in most of the Papers - both here and in the Republic.

Malaysia managed a 3-0 lead in the first leg final at Bukit Jalil on Sunday.

Here are some of the quotes published in the dailies:

"SAYA mahu penonton Indonesia tunjuk semangat kesukanan dan tidak ikut tindakan seperti penonton di Malaysia." - Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Berita Harian)

“Siapa dia (Markus) untuk menghentikan perlawanan?” - National coach K.Rajagobal when met at the airport in Jakarta (Berita Harian).

"We have come here (Jakarta) to win, I am confident we will return home as champions." - National skipper Safiq Rahim (NST).

“Of course, the lasers affected our players but I think that falling behind 1-0 had more of an effect on them." - Indonesia coach Alfred Riedl (RedSports).

But the best quote....

“Daripada pemerhatian mata batin saya, saya nampak kita akan tewas 0-3. Kita tewas bukan kerana pemain lemah, tetapi kerana ada unsur-unsur jampi paranormal Malaysia." -Andi S Chalin paranormal observer (NonStop Indonesia).

HD says: Wished I was in Jakarta. Sigh!


  1. bro,

    confirm kt blh menang world cup dah klu dh ada DUKUN power hehehe :D


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