All hail transparency

That was the backpage headline of The Malay Mail today.

The move by the Sports Ministry to ink an MoU with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has received the thumbs up by the stakeholders.

Officials say this will promote transparency and erase doubts over deals between the ministry and third parties.

The ministry has been plagued with several controversies in the past. Several projects had been questioned including the purchase of two premier chalets in Port Dickson worth RM850,000 and a study by University of Stirling believed to have cost RM6 million.

In 2006, the ministry spent a whopping RM22.4 million on professional services, celebrations and hospitality which earned a ticking off by the Auditor General, as then reported by The Malay Mail.

HD says: Wonder how often the chalets in PD are being used? Would love to read the detailed "RM6 million" report by Stirling University and a breakdown of the more than RM20 million used in 2006.


  1. Brader, must tell ACA to also do signing with OCM. Just because the members ringgit taken by the certain AJK is less than million does not mean no corruption. Little little long long become hill


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