Jacky skipped Dr's visit; Fatwa Council to discuss swimming, gymnastics

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi did the nation proud. National cager Jacky Ng made an appointment with a doctor at the National Sports Institute on June 24 - but he never showed up.

Such was the revelation made by NSI chief executive officer Dr Ramlan Aziz, as reported in The Malay Mail today.

Jacky was substituted and was cheering on the national team from the bench as they played a local club in Jinjiang, China before he collapsed and died on Sunday. He was 25.

Meanwhile, sports officials pleaded to religious authorities not to kill sports after Penang Mufti Hassan Ahmad suggested that the participation of female Muslims in swimming and gymnastics be discussed during the National Fatwa Council committee meeting in September - as reported here.

Even Youth and Sports minister Khairy Jamaluddin requested all parties to be sensible and logical about this matter.

Among female Muslim athletes who have done the nation proud are gymnasts Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (pic), her sister synchronised swimmer Katrina Ann, gymnasts Durratun Nasihin, former rhythmic gymnasts Faiznur Miskin and El Regina Tajuddin and swimmer Nurul Huda Abdullah.

HD says: Oh boy...


  1. Please keep religion out of sport! That's between you and God..


    1. It's not between you and God. Bigots are playing God here. Sport used to free from R&R but not anymore!

  2. one heavy decision for KJ. it's always not easy when it came religion.


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