Meals-in-toilet fiasco: Apology unaccepted enveloped SK Seri Pristina as the presence of Deputy Education Minister II P. Kamalanathan did little to pacify the crowd yesterday. 

The primary school — which turned infamous after pictures of students eating in the changing room made its rounds on social media — hosted the deputy minister and several representatives from the state education department and Education Ministry to clear the air.

Despite strong police presence, a group of individuals created a ruckus as they refused to accept Kamalanathan's explanation.

Kamalanathan, nevertheless, offered no excuses over the incident. "The school has guidelines. Obviously, they didn't comply," he said.

"We hope this serves as a lesson to all schools to take appropriate and timely action.

"I understand that sometimes we are pressured to take immediate action but we must ensure it is accepted by all."

Kamalanathan also said the issue had been resolved.

Read the full report in The Malay Mail today.

HD says: It shouldn't have happened in the first place.


  1. Bro you sure?
    "He later revealed the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) had in fact agreed to the changing room being used temporarily since the school's canteen was unable to accommodate its 13,000 students."
    13,000 students in a primary school! It might be a typo!
    The issue became huge because the HM was trying to "menegakkan benang yang basah". He started off with the canteen renovation hogwash!

  2. I agree, it shouldn't have happened. I read his explanation, and it seems that he did with good intention.

    Can't say the same about the parent who posted the picture on FB though. The canteen has been closed since march if I'm not mistaken. The students have been using the changing room for the past three months according to the headmaster.

    So why was the issue highlighted now? Why was the picture taken and posted on FB during the fasting month? The only time when Muslim students were absent from the changing room?

    Ok maybe we should give the parent the benefit of the doubt.

    But I can't help the feeling that the parent, was fully aware that posting the picture at THAT particular time would stoke anger along racial line. As evidently, has happened.

    So, as I've mentioned earlier, I agree with you, that it shouldn't have happened. But at least it was done with good intention. Can't say the same about the parent though.

    The rakyat should question parent's motive.

    What say you HD?


  3. Agreed. But on the other hand, can those emotional parents assure to their children that, they can be a role model among the society??

    We need to seriously look at ourselves first and ask whether, can we as parents potrai high moral values?? Lets not jump the gun and be a bad example to our own child.

    Parents must avoid being part of our childrens shortcomings.

    HSKL says: WE need to first understand what all religion teaches us.


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