Sex in the city

Those were the tweets of a good friend Jonathan Fernandez, whom I had the pleasure working alongside during his stint with The Malay Mail several years back.

For the record, Jonathan has participated in the Malaysia Games (Sukma) in the past.

Meanwhile, 'Haresh Says' - as published in The Malay Mail today - speaks about 'Sex in the city'.

"Hosting the Sukma is not a birthday party. 

Just like the conversion of a minor Bill and the proposed implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that have courted debate recently, proper groundwork should have been done by the powers-that-be. They must think thoroughly and leave no stone unturned.

But we tend to take things for granted, relying on what little we know and only react when an unfortunate incident happens.

Sadly, some will treat it as another day in office only to return home to watch reruns of Sex and the City."

HD says: It's called Malaysia Games or Sukan Malaysia (Sukma). Not Sukma Games.


  1. Very vulnerable situation for all of them. The failure of the society to intergrade and participate in the growing-up of our children should be the main concern here...

    Anybody for that matter can be vulnerable - but, this is where our wisdom comes into play. Sadly the animal part of menkind seems to stand-out instead of otherwise. What contrubute to these? What happend to all the philosophical doctrine about living...?

    There are many ways to go about it...but, we always like to do the wrong and the bad. People are even loosing the basic moral values nowdays. - One doseant need to be a saint to understand all these...

    HSKL says: "God builds it, men destroys it..." SALAM RAMADAN


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