Singing the blues

English Premier League giants are set to play the national football team today.

However, reports leading up to the anticipated clash have not been pleasant.

A confusion over an event by a sponsor of the team led to a stand off between the local Press and the respective party organising the do, as seen in this commentary 'Hello, the British colonial days are long over'.

Another report, Chelsea leave Malaysians singing the blues, read;

"It is learnt there was an argument between Chelsea and FA of Malaysia officials regarding some signed memorabilia during a meet-the-fans session.

Some of the Chelsea officials were extremely rude to Harimau Malaya manager Datuk Seri Subahan Kamal, telling him indirectly where he can stick his request. Subahan is also FAM’s vice president.

Chelsea CEO Ron Gourlay, however, later apologised on behalf of the club."

The Sportswriters Association of Malaysia president Ahmad Khawari Isa, meanwhile, had this to say;

It remains unclear if the party involved has issued a statement regarding this matter.

HD says: Listening to Guy Mitchell's Singing the Blues.


  1. which pr agency handled this?

  2. I think it was the NST guy..Christopher Raj..his PR compnay Sakinah PR i think..

  3. Its pro events. Shekinah and christopher were very nice with local media during Jose PC last Thursday

  4. To tell you honestly; some of us out here think you reporters are complaining because you did not get your "goodie bag"! We might be wrong...but a reminder for some of your colleagues to reflect on what kind of reputation reporters have nowadays....

  5. Goodie bag? Wartawan dah lama tak terima 'goodie bag'. Saya rasa Anon 8.04 pagi hanya ingin mencari isu dengan wartawan.

    Kami ahli SAM memandang serius perkara ini tetapi saya akan membiarkan presiden kami untuk membuat kenyataan lanjut.

  6. Berdasarkan corak laporan pemberita masa sekarang; yang hanya melaporkan berita yang melibatkan mereka yang tidak berkemampuan untuk membangkang; saya pun fikir seperti Anon 8.04; cuba pemberita menjalankan tugas tanpa perasaan takut atau atas dasar teman (fear or favour); saya pasti masyarakat tidak akan mempunyai tanggapan buruk atau salah. SAM member patut sedar; sumber berita bukan sahaja dari media arus perdana sahaja.


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